Sunday, December 14, 2008

The snow is finally here.

This is my poor, sick little buddy, wishing he was across the street sleigh riding with all the other kids.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm back...

...and not because I suddenly have a bunch of free time (my list is a mile long), but because I decided I was going to do two things today, for sure. #1. Make a post, and #2. Go for a run. Because I ran first you all get to read about something I thought about a lot during my run, but first I am going to update you on a few things we have been doing lately.

We went to a Gingerbread Bake Off. It was so fun and there were so many amazing creations. I did not know which one to share, but because I am feeling nostalgic today I picked "Candy Land." Doesn't it just bring back so many childhood memories? It does for me!

Damon got a haircut. He and Lori decided to see whose hair stood up the longest, before his was all cut short. I think she won.

We went to a fun Variety Show at the Institute. The reason for this picture (it's a milk fountain) is that my mom and I were just talking about some peoples heath concerns over chocolate fountains. I had just stated my opinion on the matter ("I think it is mostly young kids that double dip, that may worry people."). This is the moment my child, complete with fresh brownie crumbs all over his lips, dumps all the milk from his cup, which he has been drinking out of and re-filling for the past several min., back into the fountain. There was a good 3 or 4 gallons in there. We grabbed our treats and got the heck out of there. I hope nobody I know saw! So I guess if my theory is accurate, it is people like me who let their kids play in the fountains, who are probably causing all the problems. Opps!

This was a fun day. Damon loves the way I moved the furniture to make room for our tree. It creates a perfect little spot for his "cave," as he puts it (ya know a blanket "hut.") I finally joined him in "the cave" to read a book by flashlight. It was so fun. I felt like a kid again and for a few min. forgot about all my little stresses. I highly recommend it.
Now on to my run. I do a lot of thinking while running, and usually it is a lot more interesting and important than what consumed my thoughts today, but, even though I have already gone on and on, I will share it anyway.
Ya know when you see those products out there that claim to fight, both wrinkles and acne? And ya know how they get made fun of ("30 Rock," anyone)? Well, it seems that I am finding myself one of those people. I am 26 years old. Don't I get a few years when I can be free from both? It doesn't look like it. Does anybody else have this problem. Console me. And if you can't relate I still want a comment. It should read something such as "Sorry about your luck," "Hahaha," or I will even accept "Good luck with that." Let me know!