Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowman Update!

A day or two into our snowmans life he started to lean. I kept expecting his head to fall off, and then I was sure the entire middle section would collapse anyday. As he is right now, nothing but the bottom ball is touching the ground (if you don't count the eyeballs which fell off the first day, the tips of his arms, and his nose which is also detatched.) It is so crazy! We even saw a girl in our front yard taking pictures of our snowman the other day. Damon thinks he looks like he is doing yoga. I just wish I had taken pictures throughout his very slow journey to puddle. Around day 3 his top two sections were parallel to the ground. Not sure what is causing our snowman to remain off of the ground, but it is fun to watch. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Damon has a basketball game tomorrow, which I can't wait for.