Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cherries, Anyone?

As we were eating the last of a bag of "pretty good" cherries from the store we talked about hurrying out for some more. I seriously still had the last one in my mouth when the door bell rang. A cute little boy and girl were behind it with a plastic bag in each of their hands. (Later Tyler told me he was afraid they were selling painted rocks, but now wonders if they were angels!) They were selling cherries that they picked off of their tree this morning. We bought a couple little bags and went right back to building on the pile of pits on the bar. Only this time, they weren't just "pretty good," store bought, cherries. They were so yummy! We have been planning to plant a tree in our yard and I think today we have been even further motivated. I love this time of year! When we are able to enjoy the freshest food. We have been able to eat a few things from our garden. Last night we picked some squash and the tomatoes look like they will be ready soon. I can't wait.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Chocolate Strawberry Tarts

I have a really easy and yummy recipe to share.
I have a little tart pan, but you could probably use a mini muffin pan as well.
-Pie crust (I sometime make it, but the ready made works great, too.)
-Strawberries, cut into quarters
-Chocolate chips
Fill pan with crust. Dip strawberries in sugar (I just put it in a bowl with the berries and stir them around). Fill each crust with a spoon of berries and a few chocolate chips. Bake at 350 for 20 min.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Camping at Bear Lake

Camping at Bear Lake is my kind of camping! We enjoyed the fun camp fire and yummy food, and then went down to the water and enjoyed the beach. I was planning to only post a couple pictures but I couldn't narrow them down very well.

Coach G (a.k.a. Dad) taught us how to play horse shoes and it turned out to be so much fun!

Taylor was really excited about his tin foil dinner. They were delicious!

Damon and Devon played with these boats in the water all day.

We played water balloon volleyball, rode jet ski's, made sand castels, and funniest of all...

Taylor nearly caught this seagull. It was so funny, and he was so close. We are going to try again next time we go. I think we will make a sport out of it. I'm thinking, who ever can hold onto their seagull the longest wins, something like that. I am sure we have some kinks to work out, but we'll get it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Taylor's Visit

While my parents were on an Alaskan Cruise, my brother Taylor came to visit. He and Damon had a lot of fun together. Here is their Play-doh masterpiece.

They had a lot of fun getting wet to deal with the July heat. This time Tyler convinced them it would be fun if he sprayed them. I guess they thought so, too.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tennis and the Silly Old Man

A few weeks ago we wanted to play tennis. Tyler and I both have raquets, but we knew Damon would be sad if he didn't have one to play with. We decided to just make a quick trip to the D.I. on our way to the courts and see if they had something suitable to a five year old (works okay, but won't be bad if it ends up hitting a rock or gets smashed into the ground, all on accident of course.) We were very happy to find a cute little raquet, in good condition, for $2.00. As we were leaving we heard over the loud speaker, "We the owner of a red and white Buick please come to the front." When we got to the parking lot we realized why. This old man decided to park right in the middle of the parking lot. This picture hardly does the scene justice. It was so funny! You can see a lady staring at the car as she walks by and she was not the only one. Everyone going into the store could not stop staring in confusion.

Well, we made it to the tennis courts and played for a few minutes when who drives by? The owner of the car above. There was no mistaking that car. We had a good laugh. They must not have let him stay very long.

If it is a ball, Damon knows how to use it. He loves all sports and always figures out how to be good at them so quickly. I love how into them he gets. Look at his little tongue sticking out! He works so hard.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

It's always fun to spend time in Bear Lake! We spent the first of our trip camping. We had fun, but didn't stay too long. There were cows all over and it was a little stinky!

That didn't keep Damon and Devon from having fun. They really loved all the camp treats, especially the soda!

We went fishing in the morning. Guess what these two silly boys are doing? Checking to see whose fishing pole is the longest!

Here are some shots with the little, tiny fish they were catching!

These two boys have so much fun together. It is always nice when they get to play.

Back at Tyler's we had fun visiting, eating, and playing water balloon volley ball.

"Pop It's" are the best!

We knew it was crazy to go to the lake, but we went anyway and found a tiny section of beach to play on. I should have taken a picture of the beach, but anyone who has been there around the "fourth" knows what I mean. People everywhere!