Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crayon Hearts!

As I've mentioned before I love Pinning. I realized I need to start some of the projects I pin instead of putting them on a board and forgetting about them. So, I picked a couple of Valentine's Day projects. One is a gift for Damon and I will post it later. The other is a little something for his friends at school. It was great because I got to use up all the little crayon pieces we have lying around the house. I decided to group the crayons into like colors instead of mixing all the colors together (like the one I pinned.)

I removed the wrappers and cut the crayons into little pieces.

Then I put the pieces in a heart mold. I think I got it at Target a few years ago. It is actually for ice cubes, but it is dishwasher safe and the oven only needed to be on 230 so I put them in, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best. Everything worked out great, and as soon as they were cool I popped them out. There is a little crayon residue left in the mold, but it is easy to scrape out. Tyler also had a few comments about our "rainbow cutting board,"but I just flipped it over and used the other side. After a few passes through the dishwasher it is nearly good as new.

Here are the fun little heart crayons. We just need to make a card to stick them to and they will be ready to slip into the little Valentine's Day pockets at school.

Damon was pretty excited that the same day we were making Valentine's he found this strawberry in his Special K. Nearly perfect heart in the middle.

P.S. I don't think a morning goes by that we don't have a bed head situation going on over here.

P.S.S. In case anyone was wondering, we didn't get any snow.

Let it snow, I guess.

If it's going to be freezing cold we may as well have some snow. It's been such a brown winter and Damon got a new sled for Christmas. Just before Christmas we actually got some snow (which was gone within a couple of days.) Damon and I wondered what Zoƫ would think. Terk never loved the snow so her reaction was quite the surprise.

She ran,

she chased,

she jumped,
she ate.

She loved the snow! It's a good thing because it has been threatening for the last week and I think it is finally here. A little late for all the school kids though. Last night the district sent out e-mails saying that if it snowed like it was supposed to last night school would probably be canceled. We woke up to not a bit. It waited until all the kids got to school. I wonder what they would think if they got stuck there? It's happened before!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It was a happy Christmas!

We started the week off with a Jon Schmidt concert. Damon remained interested even though it was pretty long and kept him up later than he has ever been up on a school night. Thank goodness the next day was the last before the break.

We visited with Tyler's grandma.

All traditional activites where on the list of things to do.

As well as a few new ones. Dad and I made chocolate covered bacon.

We had fun trying out my new camera remote. (Focus is sometimes as issue.)

Sleigh riding.

Being together. (Damon is on a Harry Potter kick.)

I was sad to see the holiday fly by so quickly, and it was hard to send Damon back to school this week. However, I love the New Year and look forward to lots of fun new activites. One of which is city league basketball. Damon had his first practice last night, and Tyler feels the need to remind me not to be one of those annoying parents. I'm working on it.