Monday, September 26, 2011

A "praying" Praying Mantis

It's obvious why it's called a Praying Mantis, but today I saw one with arms folded, forhead to the ground, deep in supplication. I have seen so many this year. Probably because Damon goes "hunting" for them in the field behind our house, which might be because Tyler is found hunting a lot right now, as well. But, I think it is more to do with the fact that his teacher lets the kids show them to the class. "Not Grasshopers, just Praying Mantises." His words, not mine. Which makes me wonder; Praying Mantises or Praying Manti?....

Anyway, because the kids show them in class Damon comes home with all kinds of facts. The cute workings of a 3rd graders mind. Much more realistic and much less imaginative. Which brings about lots of fun conversations. A little sad to say goodbye to the fun imagination, especially since I don't have anyone else to play Santa for. Which reminds me, I am incharge of our ward Christmas Party this year and it is always quite the event. I am pretty intimidated by the hundreds of people to entertain and feed. So, I am asking a favor.

Please, please leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about a Christmas Party you have been to or any ideas you have. Just tell me anything that has made an activity like this special for you. Please, please, please!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Puppy Baby!

After poor Terk died last October we have been contemplating a new puppy.

A girl this time.

Damon LOVES her.

She still doesn't have a name and we have had her since Friday! I know, too long!We have got to start some obedience training, and that is hard to do without a name. We just haven't come up with anything yet. Doesn't mean we don't love her though.