Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Riding Bikes!

We were so excited about the warmer weather. We decided to have a bike ride. We live on a busy road so we have to find trails and parks with bike paths. Damon had fun on his bike , but probably more fun on the playground. He likes to beg for his training wheels, but we are working on that.

Homemade Wallets

Yesterday I found some really cute fabric and buttons, and had the sudden urge to make a wallet? I found these two fabrics, which I liked the most and had to make two.
I made pockets in this one to hold travel documents. I know a lot of people leaving the country this summer, and I thought it would be fun to make them a similar wallet. That was before I knew how long it would take me. So, does anyone have any ideas on passport covers, that may not be quite so much work? I think using oil cloth would save on time because there wouldn't be so many hems, but I don't know if you can get cute, patterned oil cloth. I would love any ideas, or input!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Passport Arrived!

Tyler's passport came! I am so relieved! We are just going on a Mexican Cruise, but like I posted before, they have changed the laws and we had to have them. We are very excited and can't wait for a vacation.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crazy Weather, Passports, and Baseball

So, it has been awhile. This weather is driving me crazy and I think it put me in a blogging slump. It has been teasing us. One day we are outside all day doing yard work and the next day it is snowing. Ahhhh!
This is a picture I had to post because Damon asked me to take it. That doesn't happen very often. Usually he runs from the camera. I think it was because Tyler and I were getting pictures of ourselves for our passports. That has been a struggle. We had a problem with Tyler's and we still don't know if it is worked out, but I think it is going to be okay. It is a good thing he has less evidence of the Mexican gene than some of his siblings. Okay that isn't what was causing the hold up, but it is probably good their last name is Rowland. I think his brother Andy had a hold up with his last year, too. By the way the passport laws are changing at the beginning of the summer. They will be much more strict when you go to Canada and Mexico from now on. Just in case anyone is planning a trip you might want to check into it a little more.

Now on to what we have been up to lately. Not much actually, but we have been to a few of Ryan's baseball games.
I love watching his games and it is nice to get outside. I really wish I would have taken Damon's hat off before this picture, but I didn't and it is the only one I have. It was a lot sunnier than I thought it would be.Whenever we go to a sporting event Damon has to bring whatever gear is needed when playing that sport; footballs in the fall, basketballs all winter, and now, bats, balls, and a mit. Lucky for me Damon got Taylor and another little girl to play with him so I was able to watch the game. We had a lot of fun!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Craft Idea!

This is my latest craft project that I thought I would share. It was really easy and fun. All you need is a cheap picture frame, paint, scrapbook supplies, and a hot glue gun. Everyone try it out and let me know what fun things you come up with. There are endless possibilites with this simple craft.
My sister Lori and I celebrated our birthdays at the end of last month. So I made this little picture for her.
She gave me a new hair style. I think I came out on top with this deal.
I just wanted to add this funny picture of Damon. This is him whenever I go to get my hair done and I don't have a babysitter. He was so good, though. My hair took forever and the DVD player wasn't working very well. I got him a pretzle and a drink to keep him entertained which he loved. I realized we were running late and I had to be somewhere in just a few min. Lori just finished as quick as she could (with my hair) and just before we left Damon spilled his drink all over. It made the biggest mess and I felt so bad because I had to leave it for Lori to clean up. It was a crazy day at the salon. I am so lucky to have a sister to do my hair and a very patient little boy.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Damon was so good with Mylee. I wondered if he would be jealous. He was so happy to give her a hug any chance he could, and he really liked to make himself useful by getting her toys and throwing out her diapers. He was very cute about it.


A week ago last Thursday we went to Salt Lake to pick up my sister from the airport. Her plane ended up being very delayed which left us plenty of time to take a trip to Cabela's. I was soooo glad I had a book with me. When I walked in with it the greeter seemed suprised. I didn't think I was the first girl to bring something to keep her entertained while her boys did their thing. Those kind of girls probably just usually stay home I guess. I had no choice.

Damon had a lot of fun running around to all of the animal exhibits. Yes, he is wearing his Spiderman suit. He really wanted to wear it when he saw Elise.
Damon is always wishing for a little four wheeler. I had to peal him off of this one.
This was me the whole time we were there. I just followed Damon around to the animals and paused whenever I could to read my book.
We got to the fish just around feeding time. Damon enjoyed watching them dart all over the tank. We were so happy when we finally got to the airport. We had a fun week with Elise and Mylee. Although it flew by much too fast.