Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Big, Little Brother!

Way back in January Taylor was already excited that his 16 birthday was the day before prom. First of all, I was glad he was so excited to be going, but also, I was suprised that he is already dating age.

Here we are 16 years ago when I was 13 yrs. and he was 24 hrs. old.

And this is a picture I sent Ryan last summer to show how much he has grown. He now refers to him as "Huge Tay."
My mom asked me to help her with the dinner she was making for the prom goers and I was so happy to be there. It was fun helping Taylor put on his cuff links and buttons.

My mom picked a really yummy menu,

and, I enlisted these two cute boys to be servers. They brought a little silly, light humor to the evening, and did such a good job. They took their job seriously, making sure the "chef at the grill" (aka: Dad) knew how everyone wanted their steaks.

Here is Taylor with his date. Everyone looked so great and it was such a fun night.

When is came time for the party people to head to the dance I overheard my mom ask the kid who was driving if he would mind if Taylor rode in the trunk (they were short one seat and the dance was only a couple blocks away.) Still, I thought it was a joke. When I realized it was for real I had to get a picture. It wasn't quite a trunk, but still hilarious. And, even more funny when I heard my dad say, "It's a conversation starter. Not everyone can say they rode to Prom in the trunk of a car." So true!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just wondering...

I'm just sitting here, at my computer, wondering if I will ever get to shower again. After months without soft water and with white, filmy dishes we finally bought a new water softener. It was a hard purchase for me because it isn't such a necessity like the fridge or something, but everything else runs so much better with a working water softener, so it was time. Installing it should have been a quick and easy job, and something Tyler has succesfully done in the past, but today it has been one problem after another. So, as it is, Tyler is still in the storage room wondering what to do and I am in the office wondering if I will get to shower before bed. We both just wish we where watching Survivor and probably drinking a nice cold glass of water (it's been a while.)

While I'm wondering things, I am wondering why this hour glass only lasted about an hour in my house, and also, why I thought it would last any longer.