Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Fun!

Finding baskets is always fun. Maybe next year it will be warm enough to do outside.
Tyler had some trouble hiding mine and it ended up on one of the "lazy susans's".
Damon didn't have to look long before he found his in the dryer.
Tyler spent the most time looking and finally found his above the fridge. Becuase of his "grinch-like" attitude to all holiday's I kind of wonder if he was trying his hardest.
One day we were getting cereal and Damon really wanted to find "Cereal Straws" which he sees on TV all the time. We looked everywhere and couldn't find them. Then while I was getting Easter stuff I found one box, clearly in the wrong place. I decided that would be one of Damon's Easter treats. He was pretty excited, and we had to have a picture of us trying them out.

Coloring eggs!

We had so many different varieties of eggs. It was a lot of fun. This picture is about as involved in the eggs as Tyler got (he is taking it). Besides eating them of course.
Glitter was a fun new addition to our egg decorating this year. I have a feeling we will be eating a lot of it, too. The package says not to worry.

I always get a tonsil shot these days. Damon gets pretty tired of all the pictures and I guess this is how he deals with it. I have to admit I have a few pictures of myself doing the same thing, only I am "tonsil-less"!
Damon had me help him do a multiple dipped egg using several colors and a white crayon. He really liked it and here is his masterpiece. A rocket!

Monday, March 24, 2008


I am finally getting around to this tag from Lindsey. I thought it looked pretty fun! I have been busy lately and it has taken me forever.

A- Attached or Single? Attached (it has been almost 8 years, although when asked, Tyler thinks, "Around five... I think." I guess that is better than him saying 20.
B- Best Friend? My best "Boy" friend is Tyler, my best " four year old" friend is Damon, my best "running partner" friend is Tara (don't worry I think of you as more than just a running partner), my best "in town" friend is Lori, my best "long distance" friend is Elise, I could go on and on, okay not really, I don't really have a lot of friends, but each is specially in their own way. Even those of you I didn't name. I really love all of you.
C- Cake or pie? Hello, both! Cake, I love, but it has to have good frosting and lots of it. Pie, yummy, I really love fruit pies with a crumbly topping.
D- Day of choice? Any day that the house is clean. I also love Thursday's because it is TV night.
E- Essential Item? My contacts, I can't see a thing without them.
F- Favorite Color? Purple, green is a close second.
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? Eewwww! No thank you! I take all the chocolate and leave the gummy candy for Tyler.
H- Hometown? Montpelier, ID.
I- Favorite Indulgence? Umm, I have a lot. I love homemade desserts. Anything really rich and not fat free!
J- January or July? July. Picnics, sun shine, BBQ, the beach, family reunions,etc........
K- Kids? My little angel, Damon. He is four.
L- Life isn't complete without...? Being surrounded by family!
M- Marriage date? June 16, 2000.
N- Number of brothers and sisters? 2 Sisters, 2 Brothers. I like symmetry, I wonder if this is why?
O- Oranges or Apples? Depends on the day. I really like them both.
P- Phobia and fears? I worry all the time that something might happen to someone I care about.
Q- Quote? I have a lot that I love. So, here is one of them, " When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice." I don't know who to give credit to. I just got it in seminary a long time ago.
R- Reason to smile? So many. Damon wanting a hug and kiss, Tyler getting home from work, a day warm enough to run outside, my family coming to visit, having time to do something artistic, a beautiful picture, yummy food......
S- Season of choice? Usually which ever one it is, except winter when it is almost spring (like right now). It just lasts too long here.
T- Tag four people? Lori, Elise, Tara, and Cordie
U- Unknown fact about me? Most of you probably already know this, but I can't think of anything else that would be interesting. I am a "pack rat", I don't like wasting anything. I hold on to things way too long, and things of little or no value. I drive myself crazy, but I am getting better. I sometimes have to force myself to throw something away. Then I feel a little proud of myself for finally doing it. I know, Weird!
V- Vegetable? Anything fresh from the garden, but if I have to pick one.... Nope I can't, but the vegetable I eat the most is probably lettuce.
W- Worst habit? I procrastinate really bad. I am working on it. Oh, and the "pack rat" thing.
X-Ray or Ultrasound? Well, I have had quite a few of both. X-ray means you are already in pain and ultrasound means you are about to be. I think ultrasounds are soooo uncomfortable (I am talking abdominal untrasounds here), but they are sometimes the sign of a little bundle of joy so they aren't all bad, just most of the ones I have had have been.
Y- Your favorite food? I love Italian seafood, sushi, and anything covered in chesse!
Z- Zodiac sign? Aries

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My dad will soon be getting his long-awaited pool table. Until he does we usually go play when my family comes to visit. Ryan got his cast off on Friday(he broke his ankle at the end of basketball season this year and it was such a sad way for him to end his senior year)and, they stayed for the weekend. We had a lot of fun.

This is Tyler taking a shot.
I like this picture of Ryan and Dad analyzing something.
This is where Damon spends his time. On the table next door. He collects all the balls, as people hit them in, and then has lots of fun hitting them in with his hands. I usually join him at this table.

This next picture is where I spend most of my time while we are playing pool. The art gallery.

I made the boys let me play one game and then I went next door to look at the art. There were some really amazing pieces. I really liked how this women used several different mediums in this one. She used charcoal, acrilyc, a torn up map, etc. It had a lot of texture which you just can't get in a photo. I wish I had her name. It was really cool.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Damon thought he was pretty funny when he asked for Plankton for breakfast. He settled for yogurt and granola. It may be possible that he watches too much "Sponge Bob." At least he is makes me laugh, though!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Damon's Dodge Ball"

Damon was so excited to have the activity for Family Home Evening. He decided to play a new game called "Dodge Ball Where Nobody Gets Out". It is pretty much as it sounds. Damon found a bunch of soft balls in his room and we ran around the whole house throwing them at each other. You never get out and nobody wins! These were Damon's rules and it turned out really fun. Damon was really funny. He really got into it. Tyler just tried to hit me as hard as he could to see if it would hurt. Lucky for me he can't throw very hard! Okay it was probably due to the fact that the balls were really soft.
There were quite a few trips downstairs to gather up stray balls. Damon was pretty worn out when we were done. Here he is with the balls he picked. We really had a lot of fun. I always get forced into all kinds of boy activities. I am outnumbered. We always have fun though and Damon usually chooses to be on my team during wrestling matches. It is good I have him to stand up for me. Tyler thinks it is pretty funny!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bag Tag!

I love this tag. I am one of those people who believes you can learn a lot about someone based on what they find it important to carry around with them. I also love bags! These are just a few of the items I almost always have in my bag. This is just the basics. There is usually much more depending on where I am going. I usually over prepare for things that I never need and under prepare when it is important. So, here it goes. I always have my wallet, which is really just a smaller purse and it is full of lots of things. Then I usually have a planner of some kind. I used to rely on my Palm Pilot, but it was acting up so I just picked up something to write in. Now I have to have it with me all the time. I always have lip gloss, a must. Mints are also high on my list. I have a little change purse, mostly for Damon, and a pen. I usually have my camara with me. And some tissues and hand sanitizer. I try to always remember my phone, but many times it gets left where ever I was last using it. It drives Tyler crazy. He always asks why I even have a phone. So if you ever call and I don't answer I probably just forgot my phone. Leave a message and I will call you back. I didn't get a picture, but I usually have some kind of small note book or sketch pad with me and a book to read. You never know when you will get stuck somewhere with nothing to do. One thing you will almost always find in my bag, but I didn't get a picture, is receipts. I always stuff them in there thinking I will do something with them later. I never do and when the pile is big enough I finally throw them away. What does everyone else do with their receipts? Maybe I am missing something. I am a little obsessive about things sometimes, but I hope you enjoyed seeing what I find it necessary to carry around with me.
I am tagging everyone who enjoys this tag. I really want to see what you all find important to keep with you. I really hope you will all do it. It is a fun way to find out something new about someone else. Happy Blogging!