Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dad's New Toy

My dad finally got a new pool table. He has been waiting for a long time and finally gets to play whenever he wants.

Damon had fun learning how to play. Although he experienced some frustration, he got better and had a lot of fun.

Devon wanted to go to "Grandma Cherryl's", too and showed us all his pool skills. In the background you can see Damon chalking his que. I think that was his favorite thing to do. It is really cute when he blows it off after. He had little red chalk marks on his face all night.

When we weren't playing pool, we found other games to play. I like that you can see the tower falling in this picture. We had lots of fun visiting our families and hope that gas doesn't get too crazy and we can keep going down all summer.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tinfoil Dinners

I know summer is coming when I start smelling campfires in my own backyard. It actually all started with burning some yard clippings. That led to a quick trip to the store for bacon and then tin foil dinners an hour later. Damon loves to help feed the fire. We have to watch him pretty close.

There is something about eating outside that makes everything taste better.

Damon wanted to show off his yummy food! He gets really excited when we start eating outside. Look how red his face is. He was experiencing allergies after spending the entire day outdoors. He had lots of fun, but he was pretty uncomfortable trying to get to sleep that night.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Distric Champs!

My brother, Ryan and his baseball team won the District Torny yesterday. We were so excited. It was such a good game. I was a little sad, though because I know it is the last I will see him play during his high school career. He is such a great athlete and I always look forward to each of his games, no matter what the sport. We will miss cheering him on.