Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have one more family photo post to share.

Here is Cordie in action.
And one more picture of us. This picture is actually part of a game I am playing. Who can find the impostor? It wasn't until I had this picture enlarged that I found him. (Hint: It's above my left eye.) I will just photo shop him out of there. I just wish I had noticed before I printed it off.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Say Cheese!

We survived our little pioneer experience (not even close to as crazy and difficult as the one I had when I was in Young Women's) and have been busy doing all kinds of fun things.

I have lots of pictures I could post, but I have to get our new family pictures on here.
My good pal Cordie took these for us a couple of weeks ago and I love them so much. Here are just a few.

I have so many more I would love to post, but that would take all night. If you want to see some more great photos (and not just of us :)) you can check out her photo blog here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last weekend

we spent time with family and had so much fun. We played at the tumbling gym, went to Bear Lake (somehow missing all the rain), played games, and ate lots of yummy food! It was so nice to see everyone.

Nobody thought we would have good weather for the lake, but it turned out really fun. Especially making sand castles, playing volleyball, and catching seagulls. They'll do anything for people food.

Here is Andy baiting the trap, (The trap is Tyler and he is, oh so carefully, hidden under the blanket).

It's a great spectator sport.

Tyler in action.

Poor birdie who wasn't quite fast enough.

We love our time with family and last weekend was great!

Until next time. I am off to bed. We are getting up way too early tomorrow morning for a pioneer treck. Wish us luck!

Monday, June 15, 2009

William Joseph

A couple of weekends ago we got to see William Joseph in concert. We had just spent a long, hot day in the sun (just before all of this rain). So, going to dinner and then the performance was such a great way to end a busy day.

Johnny Carino's! Yay!

Meeting with the performers after was pretty sweet! (Click here for a clip!)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wait, you're how old?

Last week Damon graduated Kindergarten,

and this week he turned six! (I baked a ramekin into the top layer of this cake. Then, I put dry ice in the dish so the volcano would smoke. However, Damon's eyes are closed in all of the good smokey pics so I chose this one.)

We had a fun little party on Wed. because Tyler was going to be gone all weekend. It worked out great because on his actual birthday (Thursday) I was sick all day. I felt bad that Damon had to fend for himself most of the day. We are so lucky we have my sister Lori just down the road and she came over as soon as she got off work.

It's T-ball Time Again!

Because I am finally feeling better and I have the time, I am going to post a bunch of pictures of Damon's first T-ball games of the season. T-ball has got to be the funniest sport ever. I love it!

Damon is a lot more focused this year but he did have moments. Kind of like the second baseman and runner in this pic. What do you think they are looking at? (Can't stop laughing at this one.)

Damon takes his time "on deck" so seriously!
He has been hitting really well this year. I like that you can see the ball in this one.
Suddenly he started doing some yoga pose mid inning. I think he was harnessing his chi!
This time to first base he ran with really straight arms and hands. He looked like a robot. That may have been what he was going for. I'm not sure.

There is always lots of writting in the sand.

This is my favorite of the week for sure. This kid kept laying down right in the middle of the game. Everyone tried coaxing him to stand up, but when he needed a break, he needed a break. If I get more like this one I may have to do a T-ball pic of the week. He has another game tomorrow so I guess we'll see.
Does anyone else find T-ball as funny as I do? If anybody wants to come to a game and laugh with me let me know. It's a lot more fun in a group and, then I'm not as scared of the parents getting mad at me for laughing at their kids. I just can't help it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day!

We took a little trip to Logan and got to visit one of my favorite places. A little park by my grandma's house. It is so beautiful there and it brought back so many memories. We called it "The Woods." Everything that made it so fun as a kid remains and Damon got to enjoy it just like I used to.

Running through the trees as fast as possible...

Finding "forts"...

Climbing trees...

Weird bugs, throwing rocks in the river, green everywhere, I could go on and on.

We also spent time at the cemeteries and stopped for Aggie Ice Cream!

It was a great day!