Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank You's!

I was spoiled by friends and family for my birthday this year and a few weeks ago I was in the process of making some Thank You's! I like making cards, but I sometimes find it hard to spend a lot of time on them.

So, I came up with this little idea. A really simple open card with a little fabric flower attatched to the top. I've said before that I like using fabric scrapes to make flowers and they came in handy here.

I added a little hair clip to the back and used that to attatch it to the card. Then when the recipient is ready to toss the card they can keep the flower for their hair. The cards where quick and easy to make and I felt like my time was well spent.

P.S. Damon's fits have mostly ceased, I'm not sure if it is the weather, but I know it has helped my mood. I haven't heard any tales of "Arch Enemies" lately either, so maybe that's it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mysteries of my 6 year old!

Damon has been sooo tired lately. I'm not sure if he is fighting off sickness or if he is just worn out from all the monster fits he's been throwing. It could be social stress at school. 1st grade is pretty intense. The other day we were talking about his day and I asked about his bus ride home. He said he sat by himself today and I asked why. He said, "Because Hunter sat by Conner, my arch enemy." (some names have been changed, mostly for fun, because anybody who knows any of these 3 boys probably knows who I am really talking about.)

My current arch enemy? Our yard!

I wish I was one of those "green thumbs" who really loves yard work, but I'm not. Our yard could actually be pretty nice it is just such a beast to take care of.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quest for organization

still on!

A few weeks ago I picked up these simple carboard magazine storage boxes at IKEA for just a couple of dollars. They had cute patterened ones for a few bucks more, but nothing I liked. So, I bought the cheeper white ones and covered them with some wrapping paper I like. They fit in with the rest of our office and I think they are going to help keep me more organzied. Time will tell.

We also picked up these industrial shelves for our storage room awhile back. We have since started filling them with cans, boxes, bags, and other food storage items. I really like how sturdy they are, but I am worried that they might become cluttered and unorganized if I don't come up with some kind of system, soon! So, does anyone have any good tips on keeping everything in order and rotating items effectively? Please let me know.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It may have felt more like Christmas...

but we had a happy Easter!

Now, where is the sunshine and flowers?