Friday, November 18, 2011

Acting silly with family is my favorite!

Last weekend a few of us went to visit Lori. We played some games and acted silly in celebration of all the 11's.
Even though it was late, and Damon had already fallen asleep sitting up (while watching Elf) we played a quick game of Perudo. I remembered why I like it, and want to play again soon. Maybe Thanksgiving!

Also, this week I learned how to make cute little ties. I made all of these using scraps I had and they only took about 15min. total. I love something new without spending any $ or having to make a trip to the store. They would make cute Christmas gifts! Let me know if anyone wants the instructions. So easy! Wish I would have figured this out before my sisters got married. Damon could have been matchy!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We had a happy Halloween!

It wasn't as cold as last year, and we got lots of good candy!

Zoƫ wouldn't keep a costume on so she stayed home.

I loved Damon's pumpkin. It had such personality, especially after a few days of aging in the sun. He did a great job, all by himself. I should have taken a picture before we threw him in the canal. (After Halloween I let Damon destroy our pumpkins.)

Now, the Holiday's are in full swing. I put away all of our scary stuff and pulled out the "Blessing Jar". I need to find some cute paper for this year. Tonight, Damon and I had fun reading what things we were grateful for the last few years. Some that made us smile: "electricity" Damon, "halo wars" Michael, "family" I think just about everyone had that in there, "food" Damon. It's crazy how just a few words on a piece of paper can stir such memories. Fun! The little jar is getting kind of full so I might need to come up with a long term storage sollution for the old ones. Maybe a cute mini-album. If you have any ideas let me know.

P.S. Have I already told you I am addicted to Pinterest. Can't get enough!