Tuesday, July 27, 2010

They "sang as they walked,"

We pulled each other around while eating cotton candy. (Not the same.)

We also ate a bunch of other stuff, like popsicles, snowcones, hamburgers, watermelon, lemonade, parade taffy, Pepperidge Farm goodies... (It was a good summer food day!)
Gathered candy.
Spun around. This "fan powered" swing was so fun. Damon was barely under the weight limit and I kind of think the man in charge didn't really believe me. (BTW "the man in charge" was non-other than Don Aslett.)
Played in bouncy houses and got pulled around the fairgrounds.
Chased the baby goats. (Damon didn't really want to hold them, just chase them around and say he could catch them. He gave every goat he caught to some little girl who just wanted to hold them.)
The horses were a hit that day, from the tiny pony in the parade to the races at the end of the day.

Right before bed we finished up all the fireworks and party poppers we still had lying around the house. (As I have mentioned before, Damon has sensitive ears.)
The day was so much fun and I love celebrating the pioneers (even in our modern way.)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No longer a twenty-something!

But no worries. He's still got skills!
Happy Birthday Tyler!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Fun!

July might be my favorite month. The 4th is a great start.
This year we had some friends and family over on the 3rd for food and games in the backyard, and I didn't take a single picture. Opps!
The next day we made bacon/bleu cheese/avocado burgers, homemade fries and root beer floats. They turned out pretty sweet!
Then it was firework time. Damon has always had really sensitive ears. He loves the fireworks, but doesn't want to hear any kind of booom! Silly boy! At least he has no shame.
This last weekend we also enjoyed some classic July activities with Tyler's family.
Camping! It was...dirty! (I even took Damon back into town for bed. I know "Party Pooper!")
At least the kids still look super cute all covered in dirt, bug spray, sunscreen, smoke, food...
Another exciting addition to this years camping experience was 6 little boys running around with pretty sharp sticks "Rat Hunting" as they liked to call it. Kinda hope that one doesn't become a tradition.

Then it was off to the lake. Ahh! The Lake! I just love it there.

Friday, July 2, 2010


What a month. Here are a few of the good times.