Sunday, April 15, 2012

30 Things!

This time it was me who had to be seen by the doctor twice,

then Damon's basketball season ended,

Tyler went on a motorcycle trip,

I had a birthday,

the weather got nice, the weather got bad, then the weather got nice again,

Easter came,

baseball is starting...

We have been so busy, but having lots of fun.

Since I turned 30, I decided to make a list of 30 things I want to do this year. I hope posting it and documenting my progress will help me accomplish everything. I tried to make them attainable, but a few are kind of long shots. We'll see!

1. Complete "Instant Immersion." After 2 semesters of Spanish in college I really should know more than I do. Now I have Ryan to help me so I think I can do it.

2. Learn and memorize the "Star Spangled Banner" on the piano.

3. If it's rude and doesn't need to be said, don't say it! If it's nice and doesn't need to be said, say it! This one I won't be able to cross off, but I hope to get a lot better at this this year.

4. Complete the "Book of Mormon" study guide. I have a couple and I'm not sure which one I am going to use yet.

5. Visit/sleep in a cave.

6. Do something that scares me.

7. Collect and make 10 family recipes. New ones that I don't already have.

8. Organize and edit all of our pictures.

9. Use my backpacking gear. It's been awhile, but I really hope to have a couple fun trips this year.

10. Complete an Olympic Triathlon in under 2 hrs. 15 min./ 10k in under 40 min.

11. Make Créme Brùlée

12. Send birthday cards every month

13. Have a waffle party. I've been wanting to do this for a long time. Everyone brings toppings for waffles (ice cream, fruit, chocolate...) and have a bunch of hot waffle irons ready. Let me know if this is something you want in on. The more the merrier.

14. Use my passport or at least go to a new state.

15. Tell Damon old family stories and about our traditions.

16. Break a bad habit. Not sure what yet, but there are plenty to choose from.

17. Eat vegetarian for one week. I don't think Tyler is thrilled about this one.

18. Do all Christmas shopping before December.

19. Learn to juggle.

20. Break out my acrylics and paint a picture. I haven't done much with them since college so I hope they aren't all dried up.

21. Watch 12 new movies from the American Film Institute top 100 list. I'm thinking one a month. I have seen quite a few, but there are a lot I've never even heard of.

22. Cross at least 5 books off of my "to read" list. Anytime I hear of a good book that I haven't read I add it to my list, and it's getting pretty long. I don't think I will include books I read for book club. I just started "The Count of Monte Cristo" which is on my list. It might take me awhile since my book club is just starting a new book, too.

23. Go somewhere new and make it memorable.

24. Finish my bedroom makeover. I just reupholstered a couple of chairs, but I still have paint, bedding, a frame wall I want to create... Might take awhile.

25. Learn 5 new songs on the piano, that challenge me.

26. Dedicate a full day to Damon and one to Tyler (besides their birthday.) I want to spend the whole day doing whatever they want, all their favorite things, also trying to talk Tyler into making a list and adding this one to his. Ha!

27. Make a good investment.

28. Go salmon fishing.

29. Go dancing.

30. Help someone cross something off of their list. Let me know if you have one. My mom already said I could help her, but more than one someone would be great!

Wish me luck! If you have any ideas, let's hear them.