Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fishy fishy!

When Tyler takes Damon and I fishing all we catch is carp. 

When he goes alone, different story. If someone has a baby I can't get any details, but I know that the big trout is 21 inches, 4.5 lbs., and the bass is 16 inches, 2lbs. Hopefully next time Damon will get to reel in a big fish. Today he and I and a bunch of friends went from Constitution Camp to track.

 The kids are having a great time learning about our country. As you can probably tell, today my lesson was on checks and balances. I was surprised how much the kids, even the older ones,  wanted to get in the 3 headed eagle costume. I wish there were more programs like this one. There is so much, that makes our country great, that is becoming forgotten.

And track has been lots of fun, too. I love taking Damon to the same track I ran countless miles on during college. I'm glad we have a program here that gets the kids involved at a young age. We have had a busy, fun summer so far. Hope you have been having lots of fun, too.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meet Harry

 Damon is a serious Harry Potter fan. For 'Favorite Book Character Day' there was no question who he would be.

 We made this wand with paper, hot glue, and paint. Click here for tutorial.

 On 'Future Profession Day' he was a basketball player, again.

And, he was also a man in a cape on 'Super Hero Day.' I can't believe 3rd grade is already through. Yay for summer!