Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fishy fishy!

When Tyler takes Damon and I fishing all we catch is carp. 

When he goes alone, different story. If someone has a baby I can't get any details, but I know that the big trout is 21 inches, 4.5 lbs., and the bass is 16 inches, 2lbs. Hopefully next time Damon will get to reel in a big fish. Today he and I and a bunch of friends went from Constitution Camp to track.

 The kids are having a great time learning about our country. As you can probably tell, today my lesson was on checks and balances. I was surprised how much the kids, even the older ones,  wanted to get in the 3 headed eagle costume. I wish there were more programs like this one. There is so much, that makes our country great, that is becoming forgotten.

And track has been lots of fun, too. I love taking Damon to the same track I ran countless miles on during college. I'm glad we have a program here that gets the kids involved at a young age. We have had a busy, fun summer so far. Hope you have been having lots of fun, too.


Cherryl said...

Wow, wait ago Tyler with the fish. The constitution camp sounds really good. I am glad that Damon likes to run too. He is good at it!

Cordie said...

I loved looking at your blog. You are such a fun mom and wife! We need to get together this summer!