Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Fun!

It all began with lots of snow.

Reading and remembering the Christmas story is a favorite Christmas Eve Activity.

 However, it sometimes brings out the silly side. I think it is the pressure of being on stage. Even though by the end everyone is on stage and there is no audience. 

 I was really excited to get Damon and Tyler remote controll heliocopters. They both have wanted one for so long. Turns out they were both defective and the store was sold out. Tyler's has been replaced, but we are still waiting on Damon's. I'm hoping it arrives today so we can play with it before school starts.
 While visiting Temple Square, we also stopped at the City Creek Mall. Can't wait to go back.

While Ryan made friends with a man who wanted a sandwich and Diet Coke we played hockey with a chunk of ice. Then, back to the hotel for some late night swimming. We had so much fun.

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Cherryl said...

Christmas was really fun this year. Thanks for your love!